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bret baier and special report next! welcome to "red eye." let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what is coming up on tonight's show 1234*. >> thanks, greg. coming up on the big show, a rodeo clown's performance in the missouri state fair gets him banned and leads to resignations and does it mean though they have to drop a jam on jefferson city? we'll discuss. and oprah winfrey is sorry for the media frenzy she talked about after experiencing racism after shopping in a swiss store. because who would expect a media frenzy over something like that?
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and michelle obama releasing a hip hop record? we'll have the i'm peeve meant watch. greg? the impeachment watch. greg? >> i can't help notice a trend in these stories. you are focusing on a single aspect in today's news. >> why president obama should be impeached? >> yes jie. that is the only news that should be of any interest to anyone. i am sorry you have been bought off by this administration. >> go away. let's welcome our guests. she's is hot that she can make fire stop, drop and roll. i am here with patti ann browne, pab for short. keep nodding. and he is so sharp he sweats thumbtacks. author, political commentator and editor-in-chief. and president obama says it is not the opposite of a hate crime if you beat the crap out of him, so go for it. he said that in a news
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conference. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. he is not tan at all. and if comedic genius was croquet i would gently tap his balls with a mallet across a grass field. the great comedian, sherrod small. >> hash tag, red eye. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. the clown must go down. on saturday a day of the week a rodeo performer dawned an obama mask at the missouri state fair. they have them there, sherrod. setting off a stampeed of outrage on all 24 planets. according to witnesses a voice on the pa system asked fans if they wanted to see obama run over by a bull prompting cheers and applause. here is some really crappy footage of it. >> did they tell you about our finalist? >> no, they did not.
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>> you didn't say anything about that? >> who is it? >> it is obama. >> let's tell people who we have. watch out for those bulls, obama. >> it could be a metaphor about the stock market. at one point obama had to scam pell to avoid a charging bull. they call it offensive and unacceptable and have banned the unidentified mischief maker for life. the president of the missouri rodeo resigned. this must be a big scandal for them. how often do you have the president of the missouri rodeo council resign? meanwhile the white house declined to comment. what are they hiding? for more, the dog who fights with his own paw. i don't know. i don't understand.
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>> there is nothing funny about that. it is a troubled dog who thinks his leg is part of something else. perhaps it is asleep. will you now stop attending rodeos and forcing us to go to rodeos? >> i had fun at this one. >> that's because the bulls stop chasing you. >> first of all, why do we even know this story? why is this a big deal? that's what you expect to happen at a rodeo, right? >> i don't know. i think if you go to any rodeo and i go often there is a healthy mix of african-americans. >> sure. so did the bull run over the obama dude? it was really a white dude in the mask, right? >> yes. >> i say good for him. that is you in the mask,. >> it is teaching to hate
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bulls. the state fair banned the clown and usually for other things. >> that should be the name, ban the clown. >> the best part is, they are requiring sensitivity training for the event sponsor. is that enough? >> no, i don't think so. we need to rename all of the bulls. if they named the bull obama it wouldn't have been as big of a deal and probably more accurate. obama put on a mask. he went to "saturday night live" and took off the mask and under it was obama. it was funny and witty and with popular culture. >> only obama can wear an obama mask. >> you got that right. pab, before you joined fox newschannel you worked as a rodeo clown in billings, montana. a dummy with george herbert walker bush per formed at a bull rising contest.
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if we can mock him, why can't we mock obama? >> is that true? >> yes. >> i thought you were going to show footage. >> this is "red eye." do you think we have any footage? >> it is like when you are renting your apartment. >> oh yes. >> no research staff over there? >> it is just us. we are not even sure we are on the air. this could be totally fake. we had a question for you pab. >> it is fun you bring up bush. when george w. bush was in office he was burned in effigy and his face was burned left and right. when people call this racism, i don't think it is racism. i think it is politically motivated and it is completely despicable and especially despicable because it is a state sponsored event. you have taxpayer money going to it and some of the taxpayers are obama supporters. even if you are not it is the president of the united states. >> why is there taxpayer money
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going to this? >> it is a state fair, right, right, right. >> is missouri a state? let's get our staff -- >> have i to disagree with you. the one thing that bugs me, there was one journalist who said -- i agree with you, maybe it is in bad taste, but i would think it was in bad taste if they did it to bush. somebody said it is border line illegal. it is not illegal. it is the united states. you were thinking it. you are trying to shut our country down. >> we should ban all state fairs fairs and church carnivals while we are at it. >> people think when ever you do -- it is this kind of thing and the people you are mocking ain't there then it is like, hey. that's what made it racist to people is that the camera caught it. that's what i expect to be going on in a bull riding contest. >> it would be like if it was happening at one of your rap concerts it would have been
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different. >> it is like going to a klan rally and complain because everyone is racist. but it is all white. how many black people was in there going, that's funny, obama. >> fair point. >> if i was there and i was like that's not funny then the whole thing would have been squashed. you look in the camera and one black dude is like, this obama and it would have been a nonstory. >> bill, this is the biggest rodeo story since that time you married a bull in vermont. are you surprised the legs this thing has? >> i married the bull on rodeo drive, greg. they don't have rodeos. i don't think they knew that was obama. those masks are notoriously terrible. he looked like jay leno with the chin and everything. they never look like who they are supposed to look like. the george w. bush bush looks like newman.
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they never resemble who they are supposed to be, but patti ann is on to something. let's get rid of state fairs, please. the only thing you ever go home with from a state fair is not the fuzzy toys that have been there since 1976, but the e-coli virus. >> the powdered sugar. >> what do you call it? >> bottle candy. >> the allentown fair is amazing. you walk in and it is a line of food and really large people eating it. by the way, cane just say this, the best thing to come from this story, sensitivity training for rodeo clowns. if that is not a vh1 special. >> you went to a state fair in allentown about 10 years ago and you still have not passed that fried twinkie. >> you complain about it every day. >> they have become rodeo clowns so they don't have to deal with stuff like this. you can make all of the homophobic tweets and nobody is out for your job.
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>> no one knows who the rodeo clowns are. >> the super heros for rodeo. >> they had a wwe wrestling match in greenville, south carolina. i don't know why this is coming to me now. they had hillary clinton and barack obama versus each other in the ring. they are screaming fans. >> they have disavowed sarah palin and barack obama. nobody says anything about that. >> and desmond tutu. he does nothing but good. >> let's move on to another racially tinged story. from clowns to clerks was it a disfrom the swiss? oprah, who ever she is, not familiar with her. why does she go by one name? has apologized for causing an international uproar after experiencing racism on a july trip to a place called switzerland. last week the media mogul and my ping-pong partner said a swriewr rick sales -- swrur rick salesperson refused to
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show her a $38,000 handbag and said she couldn't afford it. the store owner apologized and on monday the super rich talk show host said it wasn't necessary. >> it is not an indictment against the country or even that store. it was one person who didn't want to offer me the opportunity to see the bag. no apologies necessary from the country of switzerland. if somebody makes a mistake in the united states, are we apologizing for the whole country? no. >> but are you oprah. the unnamed shop girl claims oprah is lying. she says the bag oprah asked for was on a higher shelf, which is a problem for me. she said, quote, i simply told her that it was like the one i held in my hand, only much more expensive and that i could show her similar bags. it is absolutely not true i declined to show her the bag on racist grounds. should open a bar called racist grounds or a coffee
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shop called racist grounds where it is just white coffee or black coffee. it has overshadowed this. >> that restored my fate and hope in this world. sherrod, i almost called you oprah. see, i am a racist. >> one day. one day. >> all right, here is my theory. it is like when you go into a car dealership expru looking at these cars -- and you are looking at these cars and then you look at that one and it is the maserati and it is like, i don't want to get in the car and drive you around knowing you don't really want it. was she looking up at this purse that was far away from everybody else going i don't want to get it and you can't
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afford it. >> the shop keeper, just get the purse. oprah is more embarrassed by this than anybody. she is already shopping. you already are signifying i am in switzerland and can't get the service i deserve. are you for real? 24r* are no losers in this. oprah, yes, sometimes things -- your life is like ours. too bad for you. come on, lady, just get the bag. that's your job, work. climb what you have to climb and go get it. >> that's a good point, actually. she should have just got it. shouldn't oprah apologize to america for our socialist in chief. >> she tried to pay in u.s. dollars and that's why she couldn't afford it. the lesson is that switzerland should just stay neutral. in you are a swiss shop keeper and oprah says should i buy this bag, just say i don't know. don't ask me. >> first of all, what are you because i never saw one of you
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before. secondly, which bag? the blue one? the blue one, yeah, that's nice. just be human beings and this could have been solved. >> that's true. rut desmond tutu at this -- you are the desmond tutu at this table. >> i a little tutu in me. i don't want to toot my own horn. >> pab, do you think this was a translation issue, or did she make the assumption that because she was black she couldn't afford it? >> we are over looking the real question here which is why on earth would anyone spend $38,000 for a purse? >> it is chanel. >> it is something you put your keys and make up in. >> it was the january fer an us us -- the jennifer an miss stone purse. it is called the aniston. >> maybe she looked at oprah like this, you ain't as dumb as these white people. you ain't gonna pay $38,000 on
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no damn bag. those are some crazy white people we have coming in here. >> no oprah, but if dr. phil is in here we are selling him on this. >> yes, and that annoying wife that comes to his tapings. >> once again, i will say that i am not convinced it is racism. i think if a white person came in -- oprah says she was wearing not fancy clothes and no shoes and a white person came in with plain clothes and nothing expensive and they would have said the same thing. you can't afford the bag. >> if i am the only one that looked like me in the whole country, i am special. give me what i want. >> what material are you using to judge whether or not someone can afford the bag? why are you judging people? show her the bag. >> it might have been one of the showcase items that they don't want to bring down at all. what do i know? bill, this happens to you in 7-eleven. you want to go in for a large
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slurpee and they look at you and go, no, maybe you will have a small cup instead. >> they always tell me it is closed and it is not even close to lean 11:00, and it is far from 7:00. i sleep in. here is why i don't think it is racist. oprah was there for tina turner's wedding. yes, the only black person that lives in zurich, switzerland. they would have known any other black person there was going to thed withing and could afford the bag. the only black person tina turner knows that couldn't afford the bag is ike and last i checked he is dead. >> he has the big money and he got the publishing rights. >> it went to his wigs. >> and drugs. >> and the beating. i think that cost him some. >> the right hooking. it abet expensive. >> now we have venturing into dangerous territory. i am worried about the race stories and yet we have talked about other things that frankly i am not going to
12:17 am
comment on because i am disgusted. coming up, should attractive people be deported? patti ann browne discusses her new book "go home, homely." that's horrible, pab. first, what did sydney leather say to the women of fox? i don't know. i haven't read the story yet.
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black story, if they rap you won't eat crap. that's the hope of alleged first lady michelle obama who is putting together a hip hop album aimed at getting kids to eat better. it is called songs for a healthy america. it features tracks like you are what you eat. what kind of communist is that? and veggie love.
12:21 am
from artists like run-d.m.c., jordan sparks, who ever that is. it is part of the let's move campaign and drops next month. that means come out, sherrod. a bunch of the songs will have music videos that will be played at schools across the country. i believe we have a advanced look at one of them. >> they are saying isn't it cute how the dog is dancing? that wasn't dancing. that was not dancing. he was trying to reproduce. >> that wasn't a shimmy. i am writing to my congressman. is it a good idea to encourage
12:22 am
anorexia? >> [laughing] yeah. first of all, it is a great idea. it gets kids eating right and he likes to hear himself in song. he was a public school teacher in new york and she had hip hop and songs for the kids to learn quicker and get things down. >> i happen to agree. still, should michelle obama be impeached? >> certainly, but i think she insisted on creative control of the album and all refnses -- references of fat and booty and shoutouts to the late heavy d and notorious b.i.g. would not fit in an album of sliming down. >> that was a big public or a little pun. >> see, are you turning into lupe fiasco. >> in my dreams. pab, you are a little upset that your rap alter ego which
12:23 am
is notorious pab wasn't asked to be a part of this. >> i was hoping to get that call. i wrote some material. if you are gaining weight, i feel bad for you, son. i eat 900 calories for lunch and i'm done. >> when pab does it she is talking to her son. that wasn't the veer -- vernacular. >> i have one more. well, a few more, but how long do you have? i tried to act like i don't see it because deep down i know i really shouldn't eat it. but there it was on the kitchen counter, chocolate cake, and now i'm getting rounder. >> a biggy, biggy. biggy, biggy. >> what is that guy doing over there? are you having a seizure? >> one more. >> no, it's okay. >> no, no! encore! >> i want a side over with flava with that rhyme.
12:24 am
>> this is not as funny. it is jordan sparks. can't swallow that burger. neither of us want to raise the number on the scale. we both want to lose all the weight. oh no, why does lunch always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battled field. >> yeah! >> i don't know what that means. >> jordan sparks. >> that was jordan sparks' song. >> i am the opposite of street. >> right now the young kids are watching the show and high fiveing each other. >> if you kids are watching this, we talk about a lot of adult things. we are on pretty light in the night. you may want to talk to your parents before you turn on the channel. for those still here, talk to me afterwards. i sell weed. >> it's true. >> i am not done, greg. let me give them the address. one of the tracks on the albums, bill, is called die, bill schulz, die. i guess it would make america a healthier place. i am behind this project. >> they weren't thinking that through.
12:25 am
if there was a poster child for an emaciated, underfed, almost dead -- oh that turned into something there. it would be me. i felt old because i didn't know the people on this album aside from the other ones. dmz there was no run in front of it and that made me sad. we are having fun with this. there are certain elements of the right wing media who have a problem with michelle obama trying to make our massively fat population -- i mean we always do the polar reversal of they wouldn't do it if bush did it. find one left wing media who made fun of going after laura bush's health. >> i'm glad you asked. 1999 -- i am laking this up. i am making this up. i have an issue with the childhood obesity in general in that fat kids don't hurt people. i say go after -- >> they will in 20 years. >> i go after truancy.
12:26 am
do stuff for kids that got serious issues. >> they can't walk to school. >> a lot of times it is n a -- it is not an eating issue. it is another issue. you don't have a parent at home telling you what to do. >> childhood obesity is a marker for a lack of parenting at home. >> we all pacify with, leave me alone, here are corn chips, beat it. we all do it a little bit. but there are better ways -- >> that was my life. they just stuffed my face full of chocolate. >> how many capri suns you had you hospital. >> capri suns came out after that. i was so old. my juice came in the plastic container with the aluminum foil. >> okay. >> that's what i had. >> that was made with nothing but sugar and water. >> that brings back memories of my closet. >> wait, what? >> don't ask. >> where i was kept. when mom would go out and gamble and dad would -- coming
12:27 am
up, you are my fire, the one desire. believe when i say i want it that way. not a story, just a very direct text message i got from steve doosey last night. he is freaking me out. is the hyper loop the fastest train in the history of the history. what do i look like an expert in hyper loops, you jerk?
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is it a super loop or one big dupe? billionaire elan musk revealed his plan for a high speed transit system. it is an elevated solar power -- that's the problem i don't understand, train. it is in a tube that can whisk passengers from san fran to l.a. in 30 minutes at speeds up to 760 miles per hour. it is basically a larger version of the pneumatic tubes, remember those, which is pressurize air to propel the capsules inside. this is how i get to work. he founded paypal and tesla motors and says it would cost about $6 billion. it could pay are for itself for fares of $20 a person over 20 years. the current estimate for the high speed rail stands at $65 billion or the price of my new diamond crusted thong. i am wearing it now and it is miserable. let's discuss all of this, right? >> lightning rooooooouuuunnnnnddd.
12:32 am
lightning round. >> that was perfect! >> nailed it. >> i would like to see you trapped in a box. >> it takes talent for that. >> sherrod, people are already nay saying. but they also say that about time travel. >> i think we should do it. it is like the jetsons. the tube that george jetson went through, it is that kind of thing. >> it is like creating a colon for the united states. they poop you out real fast rather than using any fuel. you go in the mouth and then everything is like this -- >> and then you have to wipe it all up. >> the [bleep]. >> pab, this guy has a caw rier rier -- has a career
12:33 am
based on better things and more efficient things. is this crazy talk or is he on to something? >> let me get this straight. we are talking about riding in a tube at 760 miles per hour, but what bothers you about this plan is that it is solar powered? that's the part you think doesn't qualify? >> solar power doesn't work that much. >> what if it is dark outside? >> he is right. once you get the smog -- >> you hit the san francisco fog and you can't actual leer -- it is infuriating to go 760 miles an hour and then just stop. >> i think we are forgetting some big possible topics of disaster movies here. earthquakes! earthquakes! it can only give so much. remember when the coast was toast? [no audio].
12:34 am
each passenger is $32 per
12:35 am
passenger. they have a loss of $32 per passenger. >> and it pays for everything. they all are. that one is actually comfort only, but the biggest and like new orleans to houston which is $400 per passenger. they can't even get ordinary trains. they are paying $6 billion now -- >> it seems cheaper jie. thanks for -- >> thanks for introducing boring facts. bill, will you volunteer to get in one of the tubes if they shot it at a wall? not in the train, but for ush >> let me think about this. you would be splattered all over the place. >> a lot would involve a slow death so i take the car. let's look at l.a.'s subway system -- first of all, l.a. has a subway system and i think one american has used it.
12:36 am
it is on an honor system. they assume you will pay and no one does because it starts at the theater to the characters posing for pictures. that's as far as it goes. it is an honor system. >> is this a chinese theater for white people? >> it better be or you will never see me, l.a. i will be dead, splattered on a wall. >> a man will spend 20 days in jail for threatening a woman because she was smoking a cigarette. the woman was 8 months pregnant and he yelled at her from a pick up truck. wow what a cliche. after a heated exchange where he called her a white trash prostitute he pulled out a handgun and then cops pulled him over a short time later and he pled guilty to felony harassment. now they are married. no, i'm kidding. does the punishment fit the cram cram -- fit the crime
12:37 am
even though his heart was in the right place? you know, pregnant women shouldn't smoke. >> now you are siding with the guy. >> i know, it is crazy. >> why did he have to interfere? >> shut up. who says smoking ain't good for you? i know a lot of women who smoked back in the day while pregnant. they would drink and smoke anyway. you didn't give birth to a baby and something gone wrong. >> your question to the trucker, do you want to raise that kid is what she said to him. >> it affects people the same way, but you shouldn't do it and don't take the risk, but
12:38 am
there is no shadow beyond a doubt the baby comes out saying where is my smokes? >> i think these are like in football offsetting penalties. you have the gerl and the -- the girl and then the guy carrying around a gun. you snow, once mayor bloomburg gets his soda ban in place and his dash you -- his you have to nurse your baby thing. you can't do that. >> i just want to say we condemn the soda. >> i want to go out on a limb and fall to your death. >> wait a second. by falling to your death i would die. i wouldn't be on the earth anymore. >> that is true. but i would like you to go out on a limb, literally and then fall.
12:39 am
>> i died twice on this show. ?ie. swree to take a break. -- we have to take a break. don't think of leaving now. "the joy of hate" greatest book written by me. g, buy it.
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anthony wiener's sexy partner has a problem with conservative leather. she told the frisky, which is the website and not what i get after three glasses of wine. she said i think conservative girls are uptight. it makes me think of the fox news femme box who are self-loathing or they wouldn't be republicans and female in my opinion. well i never. after gaining fame by sexting, leathers appeared in a porn video. she is an american hero and perhaps an icon. pab, i go to you for no particular reason. what do you think of this? >> why, because i think i am a fox news anchor? >> no more like a fox news
12:43 am
femme box. >> that makes me so mad. i just want to whip out a boob and shoot her with my nipple gun. >> yes! >> light of the night. >> i don't think that -- >> i feel harassed. >> let's explore her madness. >> i can feel your rage growing. >> this is why we are on at 3:00 a.m. we are never, ever going to move up are we? sherrod, she said her family supported her through this ordeal of the wiener thing, but isn't she in a weird way making wiener seem more sympathetic? >> this girl is -- [bleep] is better than any other word i can come up with. >> why? >> first of all she is a mess. i think wiener got set up with this one. he is a freak, but this freak was trying to lure him out.
12:44 am
she knew he was a freak. it is like waiving alcohol in an alcoholic's face. she went to video when she landed in l.a. they picked her up from the airport. and then -- first of all the pictures i saw, this made me angry. the pictures i saw were like in a shower. that was like seven years ago. he looks nothing like that anymore. it is a bait and switch. >> you were more disappointed by the quality of the pictures. >> that's what started it. >> joel, whose side are you on? same question as the previous segment. >> she makes you have sympathy for anthony wiener. i didn't think it was possible, but i saw her howard stern interview and she was so vicious. like this was never something she knish qaited and -- she nesh yaited and look at him now. as vial -- vile as he is you have to say she is not a sympathetic figure. but now she is drumming up thousands of dollars at a new york city strip club. >> oh i will be there. i am uh febded, but i -- i am
12:45 am
offended, but i will be there. >> you will be shaking your fist at her as she is on stage with dollars in it. >> she says she will not strip. she is there just to host. i don't think hosting for them means striping. >> i am not there to go to the champagne room, but i will be in there. >> the problem with the whole story is like your love life, there are just no winners here. i should end on that. >> do you have a comment on the show? what happened there? e-mail us at red eye at fox this break.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" former nfl quarterback boomer on the program. return appearances from brooke goldstein and jaime lissou. oh that's a fun show. and now time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> you are welcome. >> no i was thanking the tele prompter. i want to show something to america that is wornt to see.
12:50 am
this is anthony wiener talking to buzz smith. can we roll that? >> i said the first thing i was going to do as mayor was hold a press conference tearing out your -- tearing out your [bleep] gland. >> just for the regard -- for the record what he said was an f-bomb. now shear a clip from "red eye" on saturday night of us talking about anthony wiener. >> i think this is fantastic. i agree. he doesn't care at all. we are a day or two away from him dropping f bombs at press conferences and campaign events. >> a little clap. >> i don't remember that show. >> bill, we -- andy filmed that yesterday morning with his artificial mannequin body lifelike of us. so desperate. >> that's why i nef invite you to my apartment because that's
12:51 am
what my apartment looks like. >> i have to say he has thousands. he has like every "red eye" guest and he puts them together depending on what he wants to do. >> the worst part was when the studio was switched i had to re-do everything. very annoying. obama's rodeo clown. greg, you asked how often do you have the president of the missouri rodeo association resigning. it has happened 13 times in the organization's 64-year history. i'm kidding. >> you know what, this has got to be -- when you are the president of the rodeo association you don't expect a scandal. >> you don't. >> you get into this because it is something you do on the weekend. >> it is like joining the 4h club. >> have you been to their parties? >> and the next guy they will get it is like, wait, i don't know if i should do this. >> it is controversial. >> my friends are telling me i should stay away. sherrod, you asked how we even know about this and why this
12:52 am
is a big story. lefty blogs picked it up. >> lefty blogs? >> it is a one handed pitcher for the angels. >> he had tommy john surgery, right? >> old lefty blogs. >> pab, i agree with you. i don't think there is anything racist about it and i think it is a little gross. my attitude is if you didn't care when bush was compared to hitler or burned in effigy i am not interested in your outrage over this. >> the only difference is the whole state funded aspect of the fair. >> right. >> but it is despicable. >> there is no way you can privatize a fair. it wouldn't be as much fun. >> barnum and bailey tried it. >> not a big fan of circuses. i like fairs. i don't like circuses. >> sherrod, you asked how many black people were at the missouri state fair. according to organizers out of the 350,000 people who will attend the fair because it is still on, 125,000 are black.
12:53 am
>> that's at the fair. now how many were at the rodeo at the fair? >> i don't know, i was just kidding. >> i bet there was three. i thought those were real numbers. >> i am abusing my trust tonight is what i am doing. greg, i don't think the person questioned the jennifer aniston purse. i think the person was showing bags from the jennifer aniston collection and then she asked about a different, more expensive bag. >> that was a slam against jennifer aniston. brad pitt dumps her and then oprah says no, i don't want your stupid purse. >> i think oprah was looking at booings that were cheaper. >> the joey bag. >> she said what about that bag? and because it is in a different price range the salesperson thought you don't want that one because you are looking at these. thases what i'm guessing happened. >> it is the car thing. if you are looking at a hyundai and the guy has a maserati you are like, well
12:54 am
from you looking at that, you don't want that. she is looking at an aniston there is no way she can afford a jolie. >> no you didn't. >> yes, i did. >> i heard it was open. oh i forgot we are on tv. >> the michelle obama hip hop album. >> it will be funky fresh. >> at first i agreed and i thought it was a good idea. then i looked and one of the songs that has one of the new york knicks on it is pass the rock which is a call for kids to do crack. >> you may not want to remix that one. >> pass the rock, then smoke the rock. swish. >> also no rick ross. how do you not have rick ross on this? >> it has anything to do with physical movement. >> at all. >> he is the manatee of hip hop. >> he is one of those sea pigs. he is a sea pig.
12:55 am
jay they are -- >> they are sea cows. >> they don't get to choose what i call them. >> i agree that they waste their time going after the anti-obesity efforts. but i do remember mocking the say no to drugs campaign. as they should. it was a campaign whose time has shown was idiotic. >> and by the way, not that many people mocked nancy reagan. >> she was a punch line. >> are you too young to remember that. >> i remember "alf." >> you say that all the time. >> i remember "alf." >> hyper looped. elan musk, greg? >> what was his real name? >> elan. >> it was in the tele prompter. people are just mailing it in. >> joel, i agree that this is probably never going to happen, but i thought it would be cool if it did. i want pneumatic tube technology to come back in
12:56 am
general. it is very cool. >> they give you an old drive through before they had atm's. >> it makes a great noise. >> this is a ripoff from future rama. >> it is. it is just a sling shot. is invent a giant robot that goes like this. and it sits in there and goes like that. >> it looked like dennis the menace. >> the problem with that is it is stupid. >> what about a wrist rocket? >> by the way, instead of l.a. to san francisco, l.a. to vegas. do it right. >> absolutely. >> are you so "entourage." >> how about l.a. to sacramento so we can see the nation's capital? >> i'm done. >> you are done. you have offended me. pab, bill schulz, joel pollack, sherrod small, that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. i shall see you next time.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight? >> turn around, turn around. >> hey, you dropped that? pick it up. >> pick it up. >> bill: according to a federal judge, gene hackman just violated the con stiewtion. tonight, we will report on the american criminal justice system being called unfair and racist. >> want that hand broken? >> my family and i are not the kind of people that the press is wanting to say we are. >> bill: a federal judge throws out charges of racial discrimination against tv chef paula deen. is it legal will explain why. >> anyone who says that

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